The New Ozone LM5 glider & Ozium Harness Are Amazing!

  I have just received my new LM5 glider and Ozium harness by Ozone, and all I have to say is: wow! The kit is super light and compact, especially since I

Ozone Releases the Rush4- Perfect Glider For Sierra Pilots!

  Good news- Ozone has fished producing their finest EN B glider to date in my opinion: the Rush4 is out! This wing has the perfect blend of performance vs. security for

Wilcox Ridge-Wangin’ in Santa Barbara With The FLX Freestyle

  Here is a short clip of having some ridge soaring fun with the Ozone FLX freestyle glider. Amazing wing, much funner to fly than these wobbly comp wings! The FLX2 has

New Glider For The 2014 XC Season, Thanks Ozone!

    Great news- Ozone has given me an R11 X-Alps lightweight paraglider for the upcoming XC season! This glider is as fast as they come, and is quite mile-hungry when it

Help Support ‘Over The Alps 2014′ By Donating

  Please help support my upcoming expedition ”Over The Alps 2014” by donating today. During the Spring/Summer season of 2014, I will be flying my paraglider across the entire length of the

Santa Barbara S.I.V.- EJ Bowl to Parma 3/15/14

  3/15/2014 The morning dawned clear, but there was still some residual wind battering about from the nights activity. I checked the forecasts, and everything was in agreement- the wind will decrease

Big XC Flight From Santa Barbara Today

  During the winter, the thermals of the High Sierra go to sleep for a few months, and pilots look elsewhere for their thermal ‘fix’. I too am one of these pilots,

SBSA Slideshow Presentation, Feb 2014- Solo Across The Alps (Video)

    Earlier this month, I gave a slideshow/video presentation to the SBSA (Santa Barbara Soaring Association) on my recent flying trip to Europe. I flew from one side of the Alps

A 30 day vol-biv trip across the Alps- Chamonix, France to Slovenia, then back to Italian Dolomites!

  (Click here for full story and videos, with blog updates)   During August and September of 2013, I flew my paraglider vol-biv style from Chamonix, to Slovenia, and back to the

California has a new Open Distance Record: 172.2 miles!

    California’s new state record- 172 miles! Read the full report here I just landed somewhere in the Nevada desert, after completing my longest flight yet. I am so psyched beyond