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A link to Dave’s Vimeo Page, where all of his videos can be found.



Meet the Red Bull Athletes and how they have been training for the upcoming X Alps race:


Paragliding in the Eastern Sierra | Perennial 1.2



Check Out This Great Interview/Video Of What Its Like To Fly Here In The Sierra


A quick ACRO run on the Octane2 from the Paiute launch-



Tandem Flight From Paiute With Caroline, March 2015 Owen’s Valley


Sherwins Speed Run With The Ozone Fazer 12m


Paiute Acro Run


Ridge Soaring Up High On Mini-Morrison With The Ozone LM5- Sierra Nevada, California


Paiute XC Flight in February, 62 miles out-and-back on the Ozone R11



Red Bull X Alps Introduction


Ridge Soaring & Thermal Flying at Plaskett Creek, Big Sur Coast of California. Ozone R11 and LM5 paragliders

This video is from this spring’s club flying trip to the Big Sur coast, put on by the Santa Barbara Soaring Association. I had a lot of fun with great friends during this event, and we were even fortunate enough to have great flying conditions that week. This video is a mix of thermal flying on my cross-country wing, and ridge soaring on my hike-and-fly set up. Fun times!


McGee Tandemonium with Preston & Elana

Making a tandem flight with Elana, and Preston follows along on his wing as well. We took off from the top of Mt McGee, which is one of the Sierra’s best launches.



Here is a short clip of some wing-overs and a ground spiral on my R11 X-Alps wing (lightweight). Fun times at Mt McGee!



A short clip of some turbulence while making a solo vol biv flight across California and the High Sierra. This is on the LM5 paraglider by Ozone, great wing to take turbulence on!



Wilcox Ridge-Wangin’ in Santa Barbara With The Ozone FLX Freestyle:

Here is a short clip of having some ridge soaring fun with the Ozone FLX freestyle glider. Amazing wing, much funner to fly than these wobbly comp wings!



Santa Barbara S.I.V. on an Advance Omega 8, EJ Bowl to Parma 3/15/14

Flying solo over the Alps: my slideshow video of the 2013 trip over the Alps-



A little slideshow presentation to the local flying club in Santa Barbara


Flying a ‘dream flight’ around Italy’s Dolomites


Flying mini-wings in the Sierra and surrounding areas


First Complete Crossing of California’s High Sierra mountain range


Spring flying in the High Sierra



Sierra Pilots- April 2013



The Sierra Pilots Invade Soboba Flight Park!!!!



Two quick flights from the Mono Craters with the Spitfire 11m speed wing



Speed Flying and Paragliding in the White & Inyo Mountains- March 2013, w/ Lew Byington




Tawny & Dave fly from Mammoth Mountain on their tandem paraglider




A Soboba SpeedFlying Weekend!!!




Soaring Mammoth Mountain




Testing out my new Gradient FreeStyle 2, first four flights





Trying to step up my game a bit, and teaching myself some new tricks. I am currently working on getting my tandem set up and license, but for now my only passenger for these adventures is my new puppy- Inyo!

These clips are from Wheeler Crest and Mt McGee, which are two of our best sites here in the High Sierra. Both of these sites can be reached with a four wheel drive vehicle, but we end up hiking them quite often as well.

Come on out and play!!





On the weekend of July 21st/22nd a few friends decided to come out, and asked me to show them a good time. Well, that’s pretty damn easy in a flying paradise like the High Sierra of California.
All clips were from Mount McGee and Bazooka Ridge (aka Boy Scout ridge), two of our easiest drive up launches.
Big thanks to Parker, Jonny, Adam, Kia, Brad, Keegan, Andrew, and Brent for coming out and having fun!!






Getting some air under our feet, and loving it! Another set of flights from the Mammoth Lakes area- Speed wings, PG’s, Hybrids, and anything else we can get into the sky! With a special appearance from Missy the ACRO dog!






Some good times caught on video, squeezed together into this 4 min movie. Enjoy.






Yeah! Oahu is awesome!!

Spent about one month on Oahu and Maui, and was lucky enough to fly almost every single day. Every pilot should visit this amazing place, no matter what type of wing you fly.

Big thanks to Brian Cork and Alex Colby, you guys were amazing!

Had some of my gear stolen while on Oahu, as well as most of my footage and memory cards. I have put together this video with what was left, hope you like it!

And to the Waimanalo bastard who stole my new Aska paraglider from Makapu’u- I am sure you are not a pilot, so my recommendation is to give the wing a try when it is very windy, just jump off the cliff and pull the pilot chute. It will work, I promise…..

Big thanks to my amazing group of new friends!-
Alex, Bonnie, Brian, Gauge, Papa Dop, Mike, Larry, Reaper, Madd Dogg, Blake, Scott, Harvey, the Canadians, the Swiss, Fireman Dave, Joey, Sidehill, Sharkey, Woody, Gillete, Canadrian, and everyone else!!!

-Dave Turner






Having fun with the Little Cloud and Aska mini-wings. Scary at times, fun at others; guaranteed adventure.






Speed flying at some of the normal spots, like Soboba and the Mono Craters. A little of everything- Speed wings, hybrids, PG, and Powered Paragliding!
Go fly Soboba!






Taking out the new OneSeven hybrid speed flying wing by Aska, and loving it. A great stable wing, lots of fun. Got out with some friends, and a few solo missions, and got to fly a few spots for the making of this film- Mammoth, Soboba, and Lake Elsinore. No one was hurt in the making of this film (this time), except a few scratches on the tips of the OneSeven from the weeds and dirt.





With no snow here in Mammoth Lakes yet, the skis are still put away. No worries though, conditions have been perfect for flying.
Getting out with some of the friends, adventure is always guaranteed! All of the flights featured in this mini-vid took place in a six day period between December 24th and 29th. Flying locations were the Mono Craters, Mount Diablo, Pleasanton Ridge, and Flynn’s.
The open invite is out- Anyone wanting to come check out the speed flying and/or paragliding here in the Sierra; drop me a line. Am always looking for psyched people to come out and fly!






Nick, Kia, Reid, Tawny, Mike, and Aaron S.- Lots of fun flying with you guys!

Some fun flying on the Wheeler Crest, Mt McGee, and Mammoth Mountain. Enjoy.






Recently I recieved my P4 Pilots License, so am now clear to fly the resort! A little piece of the Alps, right here in Cali.
Summer time thermals, winter ski launching, and ridge soaring- take your pick! Hang out in the Lodge while sipping coffee and eating a pastry, just keep an eye on the summit wind readings. When nice, grab your glider, hop on, and within twenty minutes of your coffee, you are winter ridge soaring above 11,000 feet! Sweet!






This new wing is fast!

Flying some of the regular spots, as well as a few new ones, fun is guaranteed! All of these clips were shot during four flying days in early December.

Kris, Kia, Will, Andrew, Tawny, Robert, and Jax- Fun as always, hanging and flying with you guys!

Have another new wing showing up in two weeks, going to be sick!!!

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