Notable Previous Vol-Biv Trips



These flight notes have been accumulated from the internet, primarily from PGForum, and are just a quick glimpse of some of the ‘bigger’ vol-biv flights that have taken place. By no means is this list complete, I’ll be adding more soon. Please feel free to email me any content that you think should be included-




-Robert Heim flies a 1,000 km route through Tajikistan and Kyrgystan solo

-Dave Turner flies 900 km’s from Chamonix to Bled, Slovenia; and then back to the Dolomites (85% unsupported)

-Alexey Druzhinin set off from Billing, India, and flew a 400+ km route alone

-Tom de Dorlodot and Ferdy van Schelven‘s 800km month-long traverse of New Zealand’s Southern Alps




-The Sierra Safari team flies a vol biv route in California’s Sierra Nevada

-William Palmer from the UK flew a 400 km route in Tajikistan solo

- Auréliane Ghigi and Francois le Hen fly tandem on a 950 km route across the Alps, in seven weeks




-Dali Carbol and Juraj Kleja spent two days flying a 280km vol-biv from Gilgit to K2 (and 40km back)




-Babu Sunuwar flying tandem on a 30-day vol-biv through western Nepal.

-A team of pilots set off on a 1,100 km route over the Himalaya, and titled their trip the ‘Himalayan Odyssey’










-Philippe Nodet flew solo through western Nepal. Rated by John Silvester as ‘the bravest bivy flight ever done solo … I had been planning it but could not comprehend it solo’. Philippe made very little of it as he didn’t actually complete the journey he wanted to – weather stopped him short of this goal.




– Philippe Nodet and Julien Wirsts’s multi-day vol biv through Shimshal in the Karakoram, Pakistan. (XCmag 103)




Luc Armant’s 800km unsupported vol-biv through the Himalaya was stunning. Luc had a problem with his knees, so he couldn’t walk downhill. Result: he flew everywhere. (sorry, no tracklog) year/link????

– Philippe Nodet and Julien completed a multi-day 500km vol-biv through the Karakoram. They flew across the Baltoro glacier (largest glacier system outside Antarctica), spent a lot of time above 7,000m, crossed valley systems ’40km wide’ and flew over Trango Towers. year/link???