Follow along on our 70 day adventure of Alps flying, and of course the X Alps Race!!



I have been posting on Red Bull’s website with updates on our Alps adventure, with photos, videos, and stories. Keep up to date by following this link to my Journal Page on the RB site.


Also, my live tracking page can be found by clicking here. It is from my DeLorme InReach GPS tracker, which I keep on whenever we are on the move. I was without my tracker for the first three days, so our track log from Salzburg (the starting point) is missing. From Salzburg we hiked up the Gaisberg, and made our way to the Dachstein over the following three days. Heavy, deep snow prevented us from tagging the summit- we will return after making it to Monaco in order to complete this 5 km’s that we had to avoid.

From there, we then turned west and are now headed for the third turn point- Aschau Chiemsee. It is just over the border of Germany, in the beautiful Bavarian Alps. Unfortunately, the weather is still absolute crap, and besides flying from the Gaisberg, conditions have been unflyable due to heavy rain and low cloud base. But we are giving it our best and will push on regardless. We are psyched nonetheless.

I am so pumped, it seems like I have the two best supporters possible! Krischa Berlinger is my Swiss Secret Weapon who knows this place inside and out, and Wildman Eric Steinmann has been hiking and cracking jokes with me as K-Man keeps the pace in front with the van full of snacks, meals, and hot beverages. These guys rock!!

Weather still is unfavorable, but we will send…


Huge thanks to the Sponsors again!