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April 2013- Owen’s Valley with the Sierra Pilots (VIDEO)

Every month it seems like our crew is growing out here! With more and more visiting pilots, and a few more moving to the area, when we all meet up it equals

Morning Speed Wing Flight From Sherwin Ridge With The Crew!!! Five Of Us Fly Our Fastest Wings!!

Saturday dawned clear, and motivation was high. The monkeys were in town, and we wanted some fun! Lew, Ryan, Eric, Preston, and I; we all needed a little speed wing fix for

Friday And Saturday Was Awesome! Big Crew, Big Air, Big Fun!! Sierra Pilots Have A Great Time!

Friday and Saturday out at Flynn’s was a hit. We had a pretty good crew out for the flying, Vic Enright, Adam Colton, Joe Rodriguez,Preston Rhea, Jonah, Mateo Manzari, Wayne Sayer, Joe’s HG buddy (?), Bob and

The Sierra Pilots Invade Soboba Flight Park!!!! The Monkey Clan Strikes Again!! (VIDEO)

Bad weather in the Sierra, so we all met up at good ‘ol Soboba again! We love this spot, not only for the amazing flying, but for the weather, friends, club house,

Sierra Pilot Kia Ravanfar Reports Back On His Euro-Trip!!! Sweet Speed Riding Video!!!

One of our very own area pilots, Kia Ravanfar, had a great speed riding trip to the Alps again. He has edited this sweet video, you gotta check it out. If this