Conway Summit

Conway Summit is located along Highway 395, between the communities of Lee Vining and Bridgeport. The launch site is on the small rounded hill adjacent to the radio towers, and can be reached by taking the dirt road heading east from the very top of Conway pass. Do not look for a nice cleared out launch area, it does not exist! Lay your glider out anywhere where you can find a decent spot, and be careful with the ‘velcro’ type bushes and plants. The LZ is directly below you to the south, in the direction of Mono Lake. It’s the big grassy field, and there are even some wind socks next to the LZ that can be seen right along the highway.

This launch is very shallow, and stays that way for a few hundred feet. Not good for speed wings, more like a PG site.


mono lake paragliding

In this photo you can see the green grassy LZ on the lower right, and the launch is the small bump above the road cuts on the upper mid left portion of the photo.


Launch site: Conway Summit

Aspect: South

Vertical descent: 1,000 ft

Launch elevation: 7,500ft

Best for: Paragliders

Approach: 2wd car or better

Time to launch from the LZ: 20 minutes

Glide ratio to primary LZ:

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