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Here are a few links to area weather forecasts and info-


Primary Sources:

Winds Aloft @ Bishop Airport (BIH)

NOAA Forecast for BIH (Use the point forecast box on the lower right of the page for individual sites. This is the best forecasting method for surface winds)

Mammoth Mountain Wind Sensor current conditions on the top of Mammoth Mountain (sits in a venturi)

Soaring Forecast From BIH- top of lift and rate of ascent for Bishop Airport

White Mountain Weather Info- Weather station on the summit of White Mt.

Mt Barcroft Weather Info- Weather station high above the Paiute launch site

Mammoth Area General Forecast- Howard’s Page with great info

Mammoth Mountain summit NOAA - point forecast for the top of the ski resort

XC Skies- soaring forecasts and extensive info (a members only site)

Jet Stream Animation

US AirNet- Aviation forecast for BIH

IsoBars/Surface Analysis

Northern Sierra NOAA Discussion

Southern Sierra NOAA Discussion

Bishop Airport (BIH) automated weather update- (760) 872-2658

Mammoth Airport (MMH) automated weather update- (760) 934-6020


Secondary Sources:

Forecast Discussion (Southern CA)

Forecast Discussion (Northern CA)

Air Resource Laboratories- Latitude and Longitude needed

BIH RucSoundings

Haby’s Hints The Internet’s best resource for understanding weather Forecast for Mammoth/Yosemite airport (MMH)

Soaring Predictor for area Launches (big thanks to Alan Crouse and Aaron Colby)

Lone Pine Lapse Rate

Bishop Lapse Rate

Edwards Air Force Base Lapse Rate (southern tip of the Sierra)

MesoWest Data

Jet Stream Map

GFSx 700mb US maps (high/low pressure, vertical velocities, heights, temps, & vectors)

GFS Model Forecasts

Climate Prediction Center  (long[!] term forecasts)

California/Nevada BlipMap (Dr. Jack’s info)

Winds Aloft Reno, NV (Just NE of Lake Tahoe)

Winds Aloft Lancaster, CA (Winds aloft for the extreme southern Sierra zone)

Surface Pressure at Sea Level

Infrared Satellite Loop 

Doppler Radar

Northern Sierra Observations (Slide Mountain)





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