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Sierra Paragliding was founded in 2012 by Dave Turner. Dave was always being emailed and phoned about showing people around in the area, as well as improving upon visiting pilots’ skills. After almost ten years of mountain and rock climbing guiding, Dave shifted directions to establishing the eastern Sierra’s premier paragliding club.

We are located right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, in a small little mountain town called Mammoth Lakes. Most people know about Mammoth Lakes because of our ski resort, Mammoth Mountain. Not only do we have world class skiing in our area, but rock climbing, back packing & hiking, fishing, 4×4’ing, and just about any mountain activity you can think of! Take a day off from flying, and you have a multitude of awesome outdoor options to entertain you.

Dave has lived in the Sierra for almost his entire life. He currently resides in Mammoth Lakes with his girlfriend Tawny Thomas and dog ‘Inyo’. He is certified as both a Paragliding Instructor and as a Tandem Paragliding Instructor. Most of his life he worked as a big wall mountain guide and professional climber, until he found flying….

dave inyo

”My name is Dave Turner (32) from Mammoth Lakes, California. I am a paragliding and tandem instructor, and also the founder of Sierra Paragliding. Since finding flying in 2010, I’ve quit my job as a professional climber and mountain guide, and have been flying full time ever since. In 2011 I moved from living in Yosemite Valley, to the Eastern Sierra of California to pursue big adventure flying- because that’s where my heart is at. I have an extensive background in big, solo alpine climbing, and have transferred that ability and mental awareness now to XC and vol-biv flying with paragliders. ”

‘Inyo’ the flying dog!- Little ‘Inyo’ loves to get out and climb the mountains, and yes, even flies back down! A brave little dog. Half Blue Heeler, half Australian Shepard, and half pure energy- he loves our mountain adventures! Now if I could just teach him to weight shift a bit better….


Tawny T. after her first ever tandem flight-

tawny thomas




Dave Turner

Mammoth Lakes, CA



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