Mammoth Lakes Area

The town of Mammoth Lakes sits right in the center of the Sierra Nevada, and is generally known for it’s ski resort- Mammoth Mountain. Many launches can be found in this area, with Mt McGee being the most well-used of them all. This area also sports our only site where a current USHPA rating is needed, Mammoth Mountain ski area. This resort will let you take the gondola to the top for flying, but there are a few hoops to jump through first.

The area gem is Mt McGee- easy access, great launch and landing areas, quick turn-around times, and the fact that it is an epic jump-off location for epic cross country flights, all add up to make one of the best locations in North America for paragliding!


Flying Sites:

Mammoth Mountain

Sherwin Ridge

Mt McGee

Bri-dog Ridge, Glass Mountains 


speed riding

Flying from Mini-Morrison, a great back country hike and fly


mount mcgee

Looking back at Mt McGee and Convict Lake




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