Tioga Peak


Please Note: recently, the wilderness boundary has changed. Do not fly the peak if it now lies in forbidden territory. It’s up to you to know where you are and what designation the land has been given.


This site is pretty awesome, but you have to earn this one! No road, no real trail to the top, small LZ, and a rocky take-off keep the crowds away. Experienced pilots only!

From the intersection of highways 395 and 120, head west on highway 120 towards Yosemite. Park at the small campground most of the way up the grade, at the intersection of highway 120 and Saddlebag Lake rd. The peak is to your NNE from this point. From here it is a cross-country scramble up the loose face, and there is no real trail that I have found so far! From the summit area there are many options for taking off, most are quite rocky.

The LZ is the small meadow where you parked. It is a bad place to land if there is anything more than a gentle breeze. Site intro is recommended.

NOTE: Depending on exactly where you choose to launch and land, you need to check the current maps and websites to make sure that neither your take-off or LZ are in the wilderness area. Do not blow it for us!!

The view looking down from launch-

tioga peak

The meadow LZ in this photo is almost in the dead center, just a bit to the right. Quite small and tree lined.


Launch site: Tioga Peak

Aspect: SW

Vertical descent: 2,000 ft

Launch elevation: 11,500 ft

Best for: Speed wings or PG

Approach: Cross-country scramble

Time to launch from the LZ: 2 hours

Glide ratio to primary LZ:

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