Winter Ridge Soaring at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort

mammoth mountain soaring

One of the best things about flying paragliders at Mammoth Mountain ski resort is the ease of access. You can be down in town keeping your eye on the Ski Patrol website, and as soon as the wind is just right, grab your glider and head for the gondola! Most of the time the wind is from the west, but occasionally it will switch east- when this happens, get your butt up there!

Flying at Mammoth Mountain is a special privilege. The resort is privately owned, and the land is leased to them by the Forest Service. Because of this, Mammoth Mountain is our only private, regulated flying site on the entire east side of the Sierra. To fly the site you must hold an advanced pilots license, get a site intro, check in with Health & Safety and Ski Partol, as well as a few other hoops to jump through. Once you are cleared to fly, it’s actually quick and easy to go get some laps in. For more site info, click here



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