Owens Valley April XC Clinic A Huge Success- Personal Bests All Around For Our Group!

I just have to say congrats to all of the participants in last weekend’s Owens Valley XC Clinic- it seems that everyone was able to vastly improve on their personal bests of height, length, and duration while XC flying. And most importantly, we were able to do it safely and in control and everyone flew very well. Great job guys!

Our first day saw us at Paiute for two flights, and the second flight was quite good. Ryan Nelson took the longest flight of our group, making it to Benton. Chris Heckman was right behind him, after one of the lowest low saves I have seen! 

The second day we went back to Paiute and were not disappointed! We launched into perfect thermals and the crew headed south to Black Mountain, then back to Flynns for a nice 30 mile flight.

But the icing on the cake was Sunday. Conditions allowed us to fly the Sierra side of the valley, a real treat for those who had never flown at 16+K over granite walls, deep V cut valleys, emerald lakes, and snowy summits. We stayed up for a few hours, flew up to Mammoth Ski Resort, and then most of the crew flew back to McGee or landed in town. One of our group went huge- heading out to the Glass, then to the Whites, then to FLYNNS while flying VERY high!! Shine bright like a Steinmann!!!


Jason H Boyd had his first Owens XC on this trip, Benjamin Jordan got the full tour while leaving the Magic bus under the shade tree, Curt Burgess was flying his Delta with confidence, George T. Willis and David Jacobs were our amazing drivers with a great attitudes, Kari and her group added to the mix, Mitch Neary brought the Tahoe Crew, Josh got to thermal for his first time out here, and Preston is still smiling from Sunday!

Here is our group at the Flynn’s LZ, thanks Vic Enright and Lorraine Scala for coming out to fly and also for the group pic!!