Monthly Archives: March 2015

Beautiful XC Conditions Today Again- Flying Deep And High Over The Sierra Crest

  Days like today remind me just how good life can really be. Flying deep over the Sierra all alone makes me feel alive, and today was brilliant. This is why we

85 Mile XC Flight Yesterday- Across The White Mountains And Back, Then To Mammoth

  Epic 4.5 hour XC flight today here in the Eastern Sierra. Five of us launched from Paiute and I flew south to the end of the the Whites and tagged Black

Check Out This Great Local TV Interview On Local Flying

  Local t.v. guru Dan Mcconnell came out with us recently, and reported back with this great piece on what it’s like to paraglide in the Eastern Sierra. He caught up with

A Quick ACRO Run From Paiute (Video)

Taking the Octane2 for a ‘spin’…

The Red Bull X-Alps And The 2015 Course: Salzburg To Monaco- 1,038 Kilometers

From Red Bull: ”The Red Bull X-Alps is the world’s toughest adventure race. It’s a bold claim – but one it surely deserves. It’s difficult to think of another race that demands

Fun Tandem Flight From Paiute With Caroline

  Taking Caroline for a tandem flight from our Paiute launch, high in the White Mountains. Fun times!

USHPA Article On D.T. (March 2015)

Here is an article that USHPA ran about me and my latest adventures. I hope you enjoy-   There were a few minor mis prints, but no worries *BUT- It was 34

ACRO flying on the Ozone Octane2 25m (VIDEO)

I finally got more than a 1,000 feet up and got to try some more ‘real’ acro tricks. Ozone Octane2 25m, Paiute launch.

Amazingly Good Weather On Its Way- Come Fly Out Here!

OK ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been waiting for a big chunk of good weather to come fly the Sierra, then now is your time to get your butt out here!! We