Family Tandems At Flynn’s- Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day Mom! (beautiful pics)

The family came out for Mother’s Day weekend, and we had a blast! We went rock climbing, hiking, exploring, and yes- flying! Mom, Rachel, and Mike all wanted adventure- which was perfect for me, as the flying conditions were epic. The day before, I flew from Lee Vining to Reno (106 miles), and ‘Family Tandem Day’ was looking to be amazing as well.

Mom flew twice, and both Mike and Rachel got to thermal fly as well. Conditions were perfect for getting up and moving around, but it was a bit rough at first. I took everyone for a twenty-thirty minute flight, top-landing to switch them out. Them Mom and I flew one last time, and flew for 50 minutes and went all over. We climbed easily up to 12,000 feet, and boated around over a few of the peaks to the east and north. After tanking up on altitude one last time, we threw some fat 360’s and went on glide to Bishop. We landed in down town Bishop, right next to the market for Gatorades! Nice job Mom.



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  1. Mike Beckwith says:

    Such an awesome weekend!! Wow! Thanks for everything, D&T. Man, on the whole drive home I was looking at every rock thinking “I wanna climb that!”. 🙂

    Can’t wait to do it again!!

  2. Beatrice Turner says:

    The flights were absolutely amazing…! Feeling the thermals and the power of the wind was awesome ..
    Sharing the flights with my son was soooooo great, indescribable …this adventure maybe top,s our climb
    On Half Dome.

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