Here are some links to other paragliding websites and sources of information-

Click here for all Sierra weather links


Industry Partners-

Ozone Paragliders- The largest (and best) producer of paragliders


USHPA- United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

Eagle Paragliding- Santa Barbara’s premier PG company

Soboba Speedflying- Southern California’s best spot for learning to speed fly

Flystyle- Speed flying and PG company located in Northern Oregon


Paragliding Resources

United States Paragliding Organizations

Paragliding schools throughout the US

Paraglider Manufacturers


Other Websites, Companies, & Pages-

Jerome Daoust’s website, Expanding Knowledge

USHPA’s links

Bruce Goldsmith’s epic account of his reserve ride above White Mountain

Tim O’Neill’s PG site

Will Gadd’s record setting flight in the Owens (1997 US record)

Sierra Safari Vol-Biv expedition (2012)

First High Sierra Crossing






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