Drivers Needed!

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Ever wanted to come and check it out, but did not want to fly your first time? Already a pilot, but you want to see how the more advanced pilots fly XC? Would you like to have a tour of the area and get to know the launches and conditions of the Owen’s Valley?

Come be a driver for us!

We are always looking for fun, friendly people to come along as retrieve drivers. This entails coming with us to launch, and then picking us up from the LZ, or chasing us on the radio as we fly cross-country routes. By doing this, you will get to know our area launches, flying conditions, styles and techniques for XC, and just generally get to know the area flying quite well. This is a great way to be introduced to the Owen’s Valley and Mammoth-Lee Vining areas, and will cost you nothing. You get to drive one of our cars/trucks, or we will cover your gas and lunch if we use yours.

Anyone interested in being a driver for us, whether it is for an afternoon or a weekend, please drop me a line! We are very appreciative of our drivers, and are more than happy to help them learn, and drop them off up at launch occasionally as well!!

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-Dave Turner



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