Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is the most frequented flying site in the Mono Lake area. It is also one of the northernmost launch sites for the High Sierra that gets any use. This is a great spot.

The mountain is located between the communities of Lee Vining and Bridgeport, and is just a couple miles north of Mono Lake. To get to the LZ from Mono Lake, head north on highway 395 towards Conway Summit. About a mile before you get to the start of the grade up Conway Summit, you will see on your left a road marked ‘Mill Creek Powerhouse rd’. Turn left (west) here and proceed half a mile to the giant grassy field which will be on your right.

To get to the launch site, head back to the highway and go north on 395 to the very top of Conway Pass. From the pass turn left (west) onto Virginia Lakes road. After 1/2 a mile you need to turn left on the dirt road, which at one point had a sign for Jordan Basin. This road gently climbs then traverses around the basin on its way to launch. There are a few small forks in the road, stay on the main path. Launch is just before the summit, and is pretty good-

copper mountain

Looking down the launch pad-

copper mountain launch

The primary LZ is directly below you once you launch, and is quite good. It is also pretty easy to make it over to the Conway Summit LZ if you can find some small thermals along the way.


Launch site: Copper Mountain

Aspect: East

Vertical descent: 2,200 ft

Launch elevation: 9,180 ft

Best for: All wings

Approach: Half on highway, half on good dirt road. At least 2wd with clearance.

Time to launch from the LZ: 30 min.

Glide ratio to primary LZ:


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