Bazooka Ridge

Amazing spot. Simply great. Very close to Boy Scout Ridge, a bit to the south.

Due to the sensitive nature of the LZ area, I am not going to advise flying here without a site intro. All of the beaches and grassy areas along Mono Lake are State Park land, do not land here. There are some other small LZ options, but be smart and don’t break the rules by landing on sensitive areas. Don’t be the jerk who lands right on a sensitive area and gets the site shut down!

Very, very steep. Great for speed flying or ACRO laps. A pic of the launch-

Bazooka ridge

The launch is on the very left of the photo, right next to the Bazooka.


The launch site is directly above a giant avalanche bazooka, hence the name-

bazooka ridge



Launch site: Bazooka Ridge


Vertical descent:

Launch elevation:

Best for:


Time to launch from the LZ:

Glide ratio to primary LZ:


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