Bon Voyage!!


imageThe time has come, and I am getting on a plane in Los Angeles right now which is headed for Germany! After months of preparation and planning, everything is coming together for this grand voyage and today is the day that everything begins. Another massive adventure, I feel very lucky to be in this position again.

The airport process went smoothly enough, and me and my equipment made it through security after having to pay some extra baggage fees for the additional equipment. I have anarsenal of flying gear with me, with three wings and virtually two of everything else – lots of toys to play with!

Eric is already waiting for us in Salzburg, while Krischa will be meeting me at the airport in Munich and from there we will head directly for the start of the course in Austria. We have from the 18 May until 29 June to get our prerace crossing finished. From that point on we have to hurry back to the start of the course and meet all of our media and Redbull obligations for the week leading up to the start of the race.

This will be my last post from US soil, and I’m looking forward to reporting back on the adventure for all of you at home to follow up on. Wish us luck, and we promise to be safe!



LAX Airport