Monthly Archives: January 2013

Monkey Business- Kia’s account of a winter adventure

“Kia, there is a 30% chance I might throw my reserve tomorrow.” As soon as Dave said those words, in my mind I was thinking- “OK, that means probably more like 90%.”

Winter Ridge Soaring at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort

One of the best things about flying paragliders at Mammoth Mountain ski resort is the ease of access. You can be down in town keeping your eye on the Ski Patrol website,

Testing out my new Gradient FreeStyle 2, first four flights

  I recently sold my Little Cloud glider to a friend (enjoy it Robbie!), and have replaced it with a fun machine- the Gradient FS2! This acro/freestyle glider is fun! I took

Tandem Paraglider Flights Are For The Whole Family

Kids, parents, grandparents, whoever! Anyone can go tandem paragliding, it can be fun for the entire family. I just got back from a trip down to Santa Barbara, where I was instructing

Speed Riders Are Here!

Mt. McGee, Mini Morrison, and nearby peaks are getting some fresh ski tracks. It’s not that uncommon to come across ski tracks in the back-country, until the tracks just disappear into thin

Lots of snow in the Sierra right now!

The entire Sierra Nevada has already accumulated a 10 to 16 foot base of snow up high! Mammoth Mountain is having a great ski season already, the town is full of boarders,