UPDATE- The Alps trip is going super well!!


Hi guys!

I’m currently out on a vol biv trip in the Alps, and wanted to share my trip with the flying community. I started out in Nice eight days ago, and I’m on my way to Slovenia alone and unsupported. Once I arrive in Slovenia I will switch from my LM5 to my MagLite tandem, and the return portion back to Nice will be done with my best friend and girlfriend, Tawny Thomas.

The whole trip should be around 2,500 km’s of out-and-back adventure, and there will be no support or assistance of any kind. This includes no gondolas, trains, lifts, or anything like that. Just good old fashioned hiking and flying, across Europe and back.

I started out from the airport in Nice, France, on the 4th of June at 1 pm. I have now in the last 8 days, made it to Chur, Switzerland, which is just over halfway to Slovenia more or less. The flying conditions for the first week have been pretty ideal, I’ve been very happy with the flights so far. Here is how the first few days have gone-

1- Hiked from the airport in Nice, towards Coursegols. Camped halfway there.

2- Flew from Coursegols to Greolieres in a harsh west wind.

3- Took off from the summit of Greolieres but started bombing out. Side hill landed at the mid mountain launch and waited for stronger cycles. Re-launched and made it up over the back and landed halfway to Col Blyne.

4- Hiked towards St Andre and launched a peak SE of the lake, flew to Allos to land in town.

5- Took off from near the summit of the Allos ski resort, and flew to Col de Vars. Couldn’t get over the col due to strong wind, side hill landed and hiked over. Re-launched and flew past Briancon to land past Modane a few km’s up on the mountainside.

6- Flew to col Doite but couldn’t make it over. Had to side hill land and hike over the pass to launch again on the other side. Flew over Gran Paradiso and Aosta to land just past Valpelline because of over development. I was trying to go over the Matterhorn, but it was raining by the time I made it there. Started hiking up to col Grand Bernard instead.

7- Hiked up to col Grand Bernard on the Italian/Swiss border, and had a great flight to Visp. Got pretty low crossing from Verbier over the the Rhone Valley, but had great conditions once over there.

8- Hiked 1,500m above Visp and made a nice 130 km or so flight to Bonaduz, crossing the beautiful Furkapass.
Now I’m in Chur getting some food and such, and will be continuing towards Davos, Vipiteno, Lienz, and eventually Slovenia. I’m having such a great time out here, I just had to share.

I have a live tracking page if any of you want to take a look at my route, where I’m at, or if I’m hiking my butt off. Here’s the link- https://share.delorme.com/DaveTurner

And here is my trip page on my website, which explains a little about the voyage- http://sierraparagliding.com/alps-vol-biv-expedition-2014/


It’s hard for me to update my website while out in the Alps, so almost all of my updates are through Facebook. If any of you have Facebook and want to keep updated, please add me as a friend- ‘Dave Turner- Mammoth Lakes, California’. I’ve been making daily updates with photos, videos, and stories.
About ten days before I arrived in France this trip, I had just wrapped up a 800km solo unassisted vol biv trip across California and the Sierra Nevada mountains. I’m having a great vol biv season so far. Here the link to that one as well- http://sierraparagliding.com/sierra-solo-vol-biv-2014/
Let’s see how the rest of the trip goes.