Training Sessions out at Flynn’s with the P2 Students


Yesterday out at Flynn’s was fun!

Big Flynn’s was too windy for most of us yesterday, so we we flew a bunch of laps from Little Flynn’s. It was Robbie Shields & I, plus three P2 students- David Shelley, Mikey Brown, and Chris Trinchero. The boys flew all day long, and I was able to get two quick soaring sessions in- with the XT 16 and the Little Cloud.

The three students did quite well, and flying out at Little Flynn’s makes it even easier. Little Flynn’s is one of our best training hills, it is very similar to Santa Barbara’s Eling’s Park. We cleared out three more launches on the training hill, one on the SW side, and two on the NW side. We flew all day from the hill, and learned a lot!!




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