Spring is almost upon us! Everyone is getting ready for the Spring flying season!

Hook 3

Spring is almost upon us! Many of us are getting new wings lately, myself included, because we are so psyched about the upcoming Spring season! This winter I have replaced my Cayenne with an Omega 8, and my hybrid with a Gradient Freestyle 2- I can’t wait to really get these wings into the thermals!

Both Robbie S. and Zack S. have the very first Niviuk Hook 3’s to hit U.S. soil, and they won’t be disappointed! I made sure they got the very first ones to get to the U.S., as I want to fly with you guys sooner than later! I am down to hook up any Sierra Pilot with a great price on a new wing or gear, as I want a lot of psyched, motivated pilots out here this season!!

I can help pilots get just about any type of gear, and get it below retail to ya. I want to build our local flying community, and getting past that hurdle of investing a lot of dough into a set-up or a new wing, well, it can hurt your wallet pretty bad. Any area pilots, or visiting pilots who will be flying here, I am happy to hook you up!

I have just obtained dealer status with SkyWalk, so those nice new Tequilas and Chilis are cheap for us now… I think that was about the last major brand for Sierra Paragliding to contract with, so now we are good to go!

Weather is pretty damn good out here now- the small storm has passed and has left us with clear, sunny skies!

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