Speed Riding is almost ready! Big storms hitting the Sierra-

Flying in the Sierra has been shut down for the last five days due to big storms rolling through, and it looks like another couple of more days until it’s over. This is kind of a bummer for the higher PG launches, as these storm systems are dumping tons of snow on the peaks. But on the flipside, we are getting set up to have great skiing and speed riding conditions.


I was out skiing yesterday, and there was up to five feet of new snow up high, and it was still falling. These storm systems consist of mostly warm and heavy snow, and lots of it. This is pretty good for us right now, as it will provide an excellent base to the early winter snowpack.

Rather go hiking or foot launching, than play in the snow? No worries, as snow levels are still around 8,000 feet around Mammoth, a bit higher towards the southern Sierra. So there is still lots of normal foot launch flying to be had……

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