Speed Riders Are Here!

speed riding

Mt. McGee, Mini Morrison, and nearby peaks are getting some fresh ski tracks. It’s not that uncommon to come across ski tracks in the back-country, until the tracks just disappear into thin air. Literally. Mountain sides with disconnected tracks down huge, steep faces; just a normal day in the Sierra!!

Kris and Kia both live down in SoCal, but are up here all the time. Over the last few weeks, they have been coming up to the east side for speed riding, and general Sierra fun. This seems to be an increasing trend- a younger, energetic crew of speed flyers, coming on out for weekend fun and adventures. Let’s hope this trend continues to grow!


speed flying fluid

Kia looking just like a Sierra raven all blacked-out on his Gin Fluid 9.5m


speed riding

Kris on his 14m Nano, shredding the east face of Mt McGee


speed riding

“Hey honey- How did those weird looking ski tracks get on that mountainside?”


mt wood

Speed riding out near June Lake, at one of our ‘secret spots’




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