Here are a few random photos from the Sierra-



mom paragliding

Taking mom for a tandem spiral- she loves it!


paragliding speedflying wheeler crest

Armond and I flying from the Wheeler Crest



Brett launching from the Sherwin Ridge


glass mountains

An evening soaring session in the Glass Mountains


cloud base paiute

Up at cloud base, at about 17,000ft over the White Mountains, having launched from Paiute


paiute launch

Getting ready for an XC competition in the White Mountains



Jonny and Dave launching speed wings from Flynn’s


dust devil

A massive Owen’s Valley dust devil


high sierra paragliding

Somewhere amidst a sea of granite peaks, heading north from Walt’s Point


mt whitney paragliding

Passing Mt Whitney, trying not to break our legal FAA ceiling of 17,999ft


chalk bluff flying

Ridge soaring the very scenic Chalk Bluffs


proximity fly

Flying in the Mt Morrison area, just a few minutes south of Mammoth Lakes


speed riding

Speed riding is awesome!


speed wings

The boys and their toys

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