Notable previous XC flights



These flight notes have been accumulated from the internet, primarily from PGForum and XC mag, and are just a quick glimpse of some of the ‘bigger’ XC flights that have taken place. By no means is this list complete, I’ll be adding more soon. Please feel free to email me any content that you think should be included-




-Gavin McClurg broke the US paragliding foot launch record on 15 July 2013, flying 387km from Sun Valley, Idaho on his Niviuk Peak 3

-In July, Dave Turner breaks the California distance record at 277 km’s & also makes the first complete crossing of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California

-Many big (400+ km) flights from Quixada, Brazil

-On 20/06/2013, Ukrainian pilot Mike Goncharov-Goryanskiy flew 412km, this is the longest ever flight in Europe.

-Nicole Fedele set the women’s world record for distance with her 377 km flight in Brazil




-Nick Greece and John Hunt fly 204 miles from Jackson, Wyoming

-Swiss pilot Sebastian Benz flew 360.47km on 10 January from Deniliquin in NSW, Australia, to set the Australian record.





-Luc Armant flew a 345 km route over the Alps. In the same season, he also flew a pure 245km FAI triangle on an R11

-Mike Goncharov-Goryanskiy, 331km on a Gin Tribe, 2011 in Ukraine

-Damien de Baenst flew a 193km triangle with cloudbase just 2000m – 1000m below what is “normally” needed to do big flights

-Richard Carter’s 250km in the UK

-Brendan Reid was the first pilot to fly a 100km FAI triangle in the UK (Scotland)

-Flights up to the summit of Mont Blanc and toplanding

-Flight from Mt Everest

-Richard Carter set the British paragliding open distance record, with a flight of 253km from Bradwell Edge in the Peak District




-David Dagaut flew 330km from Southern France to Switzerland in 2010 on the BBHPP. He repeated the flight in 2011

-Thomas Puthod flew 300km from Piedrahita – in a completely unexpected direction

-Mariano Vissani on a Gradient Aspen 3, 348km in Argentina







-Brad Sander flew this amazing, epic 224km flight in the Himalaya

-John Silvester flew 130km from Hunza to Skardu over the Shispar La (6,400m). He called it, ‘probably the most challenging defined xc task in the world, the only other contender being Phillipe and Julien’s amazing flight in 2006, coming the other way’. He added, ‘Finally I could forget about a route that had obsessed me for 8 years.’

-Nevil Hulett’s World Record of over 500km is deserving of respect




-Marcelo Prieto, Frank Brown and Rafael Salladini fly 468.1 km’s for a new world foot launch record in Brazil

-Ari Sahlström’s flight in Finland, 203km in 2007

-Luc Armant’s solo Dharamsala to Kathmandu




– Philippe Nodet and Julien Wirst repeated the circumnavigation of Nanga Parbat.




– John Silvester’s 90km circumnavigation of 8,000m Nanga Parbat in the Karakoram. The first time anyone flew round an 8,000m mountain



Prior to 2005-

-Jean Marc Boivin was completing 30km XCs around the Chamonix Valley “in the late 1980s”. In 1986 he was the first to fly from the summit of Everest (not XC – he landed at camp 2), so perhaps he was flying XC around then.

-Will Gadd flies 423 km’s for the U.S.’s tow-launch PG record



The evolution of the foot launched record, year and location-
6/89 Kossen, Austria,
12/89 Owens Valley, USA
11/98 Mt Borah, Manilla, Australia
11/07 will be Quixada, Brazil