New Launch Site In The Northern Inyo Mountains- ”Crestview”


Here is some info on the new spot, Crestview.

It is in the extreme northern end of the Inyo Mountain Range, and it is off of highway 168 east out of Big Pine. A Subaru or similar vehicle can make it no problem, and launch is pretty quick and easy to get to. The LZ is a little out of the way, but not bad considering you just flew 3,400 vertical feet!

I took Lewis Byington there on Thursday, and we both flew it on the FireFly speed wing. We shuttled each other up with Lew’s truck, and as far as we know, we are the first ones to fly from this spot. (???) The location is-
37° 5’13.49″N


Lew Byington wrote this about the launch, on another forum-

”Quick takes of the new “Crestview Launch”. Dave Turner spied this site (& the roads leading to it) on Google Earth. During my visit he proposed that we find it & explore (I was instantly psyched for the adventure!). The short video here captures highlights of my 6 min speed flight. The early-morning air was west & smooth, while mid-day became quite turbulent. I believe there is great speed flying potential for this site, but a very long (50 min) retrieval. Big fat thank you to Dave hosting my 3 days of site visits & flying — with Dave Turner.”


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