Going Deep!

After a great start to the trip with a nice hike from the ocean and a good flight from the nuthouse, I am well on my way headed towards the big mountains. I made a short cross-country flight from the low launch above Ojai, and flew for a a while before it became too windy and then I top landed on chief Peak. Now I am trying to fly down the backside to continue on foot through the Sespe.

It looks like I will not have decent flying conditions for the next two days, as the weather forecast is not looking very promising. Not a big deal, as I’m out here and the job needs to get done one way or the other. So now I am headed deep into the backcountry and I am very excited about it. I have enough food for two or three days, and I am carrying water.

if anyone wants to send weather updates, please feel free to post them to my email. dave@sierraparagliding.com

I do not think that I will have any cell phone service, to update my website or send photos for the next two days, but I can still update to Facebook with the GPS messenger. okay time to go, this is where I am headed –

Of course I wanted to fly further but that’s not always an option when you’re thinking like a vol biv pilot instead of just open distance. It was starting to get too windy to top land and I knew I was going to be forced to land down in the bottom of the valley probably around Santa Paula. I did not want to be there so take advantage of top landing while I still could. Now I am looking for an area to relaunch when the wind comes down to fly down the backside. If that is not possible then I will hike down into the next valley north and proceed along the river valley. Everything is going well.