Friday And Saturday Was Awesome! Big Crew, Big Air, Big Fun!! Sierra Pilots Have A Great Time!


Friday and Saturday out at Flynn’s was a hit. We had a pretty good crew out for the flying, Vic EnrightAdam ColtonJoe Rodriguez,Preston Rhea, Jonah, Mateo ManzariWayne Sayer, Joe’s HG buddy (?), Bob and his wife, and a few others dropped in to fly and/or check it out.

Joe, Mateo, and I all went up to Big Flynn’s for some thermal flying. It was a bit tough to climb out from launch, and Joe didn’t make it up on his T2 HG.
Mateo and I cruised around for a bit, then benched back over the higher peaks. A quick thumbs up, and we were pointed north, smashing the bar down with a smile. We had easy climbs to 12,000+ ft, and after a short while, we were in the Paiute area. I had my pup in the van down at the shade tree, and the friend coming back for an afternoon session, so we turned back to Flynn’s. The north tail wind pushed us back to Flynn’s, but not before I hooked into a good one, and Mateo watched me spec out quick style!
We got back over the LZ, threw down some ‘ish, and we were on our way back up to launch with the friend before we knew it!
I took Jonah tandem soaring for about 40 minutes, but then he had to leave for a meeting. A nice Friday.

Saturday dawned calm and clear, and my speed flying amigo showed up psyched! It was pretty clear to me that Preston, from mammoth, was psyched; and most likely would become part of the Sierra clan. His psyche and energy was obvious.
He flew three times from the training hill after a quick ground handling session with the 16m, and performed quite well. The wind and thermals were very mellow, and Preston ended up flying the speed wing TWICE from Big Flynn’s on his first day of flying! Good Job! He wrote me a nice text at the end of the day-

”Hey Dave, just wanted to thank you again for today. Definately going to be a day I remember forever. Can’t wait to get out again.”- Preston

Welcome to the crew Preston & Jonah!


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