Flynn’s was another hit!- Monday, March 11th

flynns tandem

I was thinking about hitting the southern Sierra for for PG action today, but last night I got confirmation for a tandem today. So I met up with Andy, and we got a twenty minute flight from Flynn’s. We got suckered a bit and launched at 11 am, thinking it was noon- pesky daylight savings snuck up on us!

After retrieving the truck, Andy took off and I met up with David from Rovanna, and Brian. We drove back on up, and we all flew. I went first, and it was a bit weak and difficult to get up, but once up it was great. Similar to yesterday, max altitudes of 7,900ft and a flight time of just under an hour and a half. Brian got maybe forty minutes, and David sank out quick style. Dang.

All in all, a great day. And tomorrow is looking better again!



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