Bri-Dog Ridge, Glass Mountains

This infrequently used site is actually pretty fun when you catch it right. A little far away and rugged to get to, this site sits at the south end of the Glass Mountains. This small mountain range is easily visible from the entire Mammoth area, and provides excellent views of the Sierra.


To get to the LZ- Well, there really is no LZ, so I guess thats it for that one! A couple of dirt roads here and there, amidst tall sagebrush.


Getting to the launch-

glass mountains


Launch site: Bri-Dog Ridge

Aspect: WSW

Vertical descent: 1,300 ft

Launch elevation: 8,500 ft

Best for: PG

Approach: 4X4 dirt roads, then ten minute walk downhill

Time to launch from the LZ: 50 min

Glide ratio to primary LZ:

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