Amazingly Good Weather On Its Way- Come Fly Out Here!

OK ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been waiting for a big chunk of good weather to come fly the Sierra, then now is your time to get your butt out here!! We have had a few days of crap SW and NW wind, with very short windows of decent weather. Today is still kind of bad but better weather is on the horizon. Now it is changing for the better, and it looks like we are going to possibly have a Wednesday-through-Sunday+ good weather window!! And I might even put on a hike-and-fly clinic out here during this time, so come check it out!

Conditions tomorrow look to be nice and moderate NE, perfect for an early hike and fly of McGee and then ridge soaring on the Sherwins after that. Mini Morrison can be substituted for McGee if you’re wanting to bite off a bigger hunk of adventure and height. After Wednesday it looks like it will swing due east for another day or two- read: East wind is our most valuable wind direction out here, yes its rare but it allows us to pick virtually any Sierra side peak (like Wheeler) and have flyable conditions normally. So if it is east for Thursday (and possibly Friday) then we will be happy campers. Saturday then is supposed to go back NE, and Sunday light W.

yeah, yeah, a lot of weather lingo. But the underlying message remains- good weather will be upon us for the next five days most likely, and now is a great time to come take advantage of this. I have not flown much in the last five days, so I will be taking full advantage of this window. I will be surprised if Monday comes around and we haven’t flown every day for the previous 5 days…

With conditions this good, I am thinking about offering a hike-and-fly clinic during this good weather window. Any pilots unfamiliar with our sites and conditions out here should think about something like this, as it’s a great way to learn about our area flying (which can be brutal if you don’t go about it correctly). We will cover everything, from weather and site evaluation/selection, to flying techniques, safety, Sierra specific techniques, and intro to big mountain flying. I could even do group pricing to help keep the cost down, as long as enough pilots are interested. I also do a sliding scale depending on what you can afford, only if you need it (don’t take advantage of this!).

If a few of you are interested, post here or send me a message. If there is a decent amount of interest in something like this after getting feedback from you guys, then I will put together some dates, times, prices, and info. I have had many of you ask about clinics like these, but I do not like scheduling clinics with hard dates due to our ever changing weather. But this window looks too good to pass up, so holler!

If the wind goes west by Sunday, and doesn’t get too bad, then maybe a little 2-4 day vol biv of the Inyo and White Mountains might be in order?? I definitely have my eye on this as well- Could be a great time to get some newcomers feet wet in the new and exciting world of vol biv, as spending a few days flying north up these ranges would be another great mini-adventure.

Starting in May, the Sierra will rapidly heat up and become much more difficult to fly for intermediate pilots. Now is a great time to check it out, and yes, it’s still possible to fly XC this time of year- you usually just have to go to the Whites and expect 10-50 mile flights, not the 100-170 mile flights of Spring and summer. But, most of our Sierra side launches are still snowed in, so if you fly on the Sierra side during this time of year, bring your waterproof hiking shoes/boots! The Whites are still snow free, and can be driven up at almost any time of the year. During the winter our normal launches are: Sherwins and McGee (hike-ups), Mammoth (gondola), Paiute and Flynns (drive ups in the Whites), Glass Mountains(drive or hike) and Mono Craters(hike). These are just a few…

More info on the sites can be found on my site under- Main Menu>High Sierra Info>Flying Sites

Come fly!