Alps Update June 27th- On Our Way Back From Slovenia Now!

Great news- I have made it to Slovenia and around Triglav, and now I am in Kobarid to meet up with Tawny today. She is bringing our new Ozone Mag2Lite with her from California, and we will be switching to tandem for the return back to southern France.

I have had an amazing solo trip so far, of approximately over 1300 km from France to Slovenia. It took me 18 days and four hours from the moment I stepped out of the airport in Nice, until I arrived at the Slovenian border at Kranjska Gora. From there, I used Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, as a turn point and proceeded to hike and fly around the eastern side of the peak to ensure I got every bit of the Alps before I start heading back west. It has now been almost 23 days since leaving the airport in France, I’m very excited about the progress and the speed in which I have crossed the Alps.

The return voyage, flying as a duo on our tandem, will take longer because we will be fighting against the west wind and the tandem does not quite have the performance of my LM5 XC glider. We gladly accept and embrace this added challenge, we are not afraid to give it our best. Tawny will be arriving here in Kobarid this evening and we will proceed to continue west as soon as possible. The weather over the next few days looks not so good, but we will be ready to hike and fly no matter what the conditions provide us. We hope to get some good flights back into Italy and the Western Alps, but when conditions are not flyable we will continue on foot so that we can still cover ground even when not in the air.

I will be continuing to update my website whenever possible, but that has proven to be somewhat of a challenge out here in the mountains from my phone. The best way to keep up-to-date on this expedition is to find me on Facebook, under Dave Turner: Mammoth Lakes, and add me as a friend so that you can keep up-to-date on this awesome adventure.

Here is the link again to the live tracking page, you can see the entire route from this link. We will be trying to take mostly a different line on the way back west from that in which I came from. Covering new ground and seeing different sights is what we’re after, it should continue to be a spectacular adventure.