A Soboba Speed Flying Weekend!!


The last weekend of January was quickly approaching, but with windy, nasty conditions arriving with it; I had to call the boys and plan a flying weekend in sunny SoCal! Mammoth and the Sierra had been great, but with a winter storm bearing down on us, fun-in-the-sun was what I was thinking. And with friends like mine- adventure is easy to find, no matter where we go.

At first it seemed like we would be meeting up in Santa Barbara for some PG fun, as the forecast there was looking very promising. But as the weekend neared, a north wind was setting up for SB. Dang. Everything there faces south. Would it be light enough to fly the mountains anyway? Would it be worth the drive?

Then my phone rang. Again-


”Bobo! We are down in Soboba! The weather and the forecast look great!” -Jason was stoked!

He had driven from Flagstaff the night before, and had arrived with Scott (Scooter) and Lane. He convinced me that conditions were perfect, and that I should head on down. I agreed to meet them, even though the forecast actually looked like shit and was calling for 60% chance of showers! But when the Monkeys are psyched….


Little Inyo and I loaded up the van with six or seven paragliders, a selection of harnesses and parachutes, and car camping supplies for a week or so. After a kiss goodbye from Tawny, we were headed south. Ooouugghh!!!

Mikey was following close behind, and we caravanned south. We pulled into Soboba Flight Park at about midnight, and by dawn we were back up and ready to go!

Many friends came out to fly with us- Jason, Scooter, Lane, Mikey, Jonny, Jeroume, Jean-Noel, Koosje, Robbie, David, and many others. We had an amazing time, but there was one major bummer- Lane crashed his PG and sustained heavy injuries. We wish you a full and speedy recovery, and we are all soooo glad that it did not end up worse.


This video and trip report is dedicated to our ‘Sky Buddy’ Paul Borne- who was one of us. Paul was a climber and pilot, who unfortunately lost his life at Soboba this fall. You brought an infectious energy and psyche to our adventures Paul.


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