46.5 Mile XC Flight Today- Flynn’s to Nevada!!!

cloud street

Big flight from Flynn’s today! After taking a 72 year old for a tandem this morning, I switched to my solo glider and flew for three hours north. Was great flying on the Whites towards Benton, then I took the cloud street out in the middle of the valley for the second half of the flight.

Funny note- as soon as I landed, a navy guy in full fatigues pulled up. He thought I had ejected from one of the military jets overhead, and came to see if I was ok!!! He was super nice and took me all the way back to the van at Flynn’s! Great day again!

Yesterday was four tandems- Eric McAuliffe X2, Nikki, and Adam.

Flight info-

A to B distance- 46.46 miles
Max climbs 1,500+ fpm
Max altitude- 13,000 feet
Max sink- 1,400fpm (and lots of it!)
Duration- 3 hours
Average flying height- 9,000 to 11,800 feet
Turbulence factor on a scale of 1-10= 5.5 (a lot)
XC miles over the last 3 days- 104 miles of A to B distances

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cloud streetflight deck

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